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Vancouver, BC, Canada Tour Guide: Phillip Valcouver

Vancouver has something for everyone, whether you fancy cycling around the water, shopping for the latest trends, restaurant-hopping, or immersing yourself in nature. This guide lists the stops in the city that you shouldn’t miss, as well as places that many tourists overlook.

Vancouver is blessed with food from many countries and you can find a range of street food, cafes, family-run restaurants, and high-end restaurants. If you’re exploring the city center, you can get around with the SkyTrain to enjoy the city views well above ground. If you’re going to spend the day on public transport, it would be cheaper to buy a day-pass that you can use for the SkyTrain, bus, or SeaBus. When you’re eating at a restaurant, the tip ranges from 15% to 20% of the bill depending on how good you felt the service was.

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Vancouver is young, beautiful and blooming in its lovely natural setting, the mild climate fostering a relaxed outdoors lifestyle that is drawing increasing numbers of visitors to enjoy the hospitality. The city, named for a Royal Navy sea captain who sailed into Burrard Inlet on the British Columbian coast in 1792, was barely even a town 100 years ago. Today more than two million souls call this exquisite spot home, and the shiny downtown towers contrast dramatically with the snow-capped mountain backdrop. Business is booming in the retail stores, chic and unusual shops and excellent restaurants.